Easy Leaf Print Art

Whether you want to create some unique art for your home or keep the kids busy for a few hours this simple project will accomplish both.  Here's an easy to follow step-by-step guide to create some leaf art for your home or make a beautiful card for family and friends. 
So for this project you will need; leaves, crayons, paper-towels (as needed) and a few sheets of paper.  I just used some letter size blank paper, but you could also have fun with this and use coloured paper, as long as it isn't too thick.  Too thick and some of the details of the leaf will be lost.
I collected a few leaves from my garden but if you don't have any trees close by maybe take a nice nature walk with the kids or dog and collect some along a trail side or at the park.  Make sure the ones you use are dried off and free of dirt and debris.  
Also, before placing the leaf on the paper make sure the veins are facing up.  This will make it easier get the best outline possible of the leaf structure. 
Remove the paper from the crayon colours you want to use.  This just make it a little easier to cover the leaf with colour.  You could skip this step if you want a darker looking leaf.
Place your paper over the leaf and then run the crayon over the leaf.
I used brown for the leaf and then I highlighted the veins with red.  It really gives the leaf depth.  Have fun with it and try any variations of colours you like. You can keep it true to nature or you could use pinks and reds anything you can imagine. 
Now why not frame your finished artwork and hang it in the kids room or add it to a gallery wall collection of artwork.  
Thanks for reading my blog.  If you would like more home decor inspiration you can read my Home Decor blog here.   If you would like to view some of my artwork click here.-Cheers Angie Evans

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22 December, 2020


I am going to incorporate this technique on an autumnal scrapbooking page. I think this will be fantastic! Many thanks for the brilliant idea.

22 December, 2020

Wer Ruft An (https://www.tele-ch.info/)

Beautiful. I remember that I used to do the same with a coin.

22 December, 2020

Marilda Melo

Quero aprender mas não sei ND de inglês

06 October, 2020


Belos trabalho parabéns

06 October, 2020


This will be an excellent project for my great grandson and me. He has been dealing with autism and loves projects!
This is easy to read, understand and the results are awesome.
Thank you

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