About Brush Point Studio

Our Mission

Sometimes all it takes is a single image to rouse our memories, lift our spirits or start a conversation. Here at Brush Point Studio, your home is our canvas.  Let us take you on a journey to discover your voice and the conversation you want to start in your home.  Let the journey begin!

Meet the owner

Hi, I'm Angie Evans, I am a visual artist specializing in Monochrome ink drawing, watercolour painting and photography.

My ideas come from nature, places and objects that inspire memory or emotion. I hope some of my work will inspire your home, your life, your world.


Angie's background

I create in mainly two styles. The first one, pointillism, I have been doing for many years and first fell in love with this style of art when I was in high school. The second being Chinese Brush painting which I studied at Conestoga College with Mr. Leo Wong. These are two very different techniques, the first very controlled and defined and the second very free and flowing. 

I have been creating art for the past 20 years. Thanks to many new advances in home printers I am pleased to be able to offer my artwork directly from my home to yours. I create it, print it and ship it. In this way I can be in control of all aspects of the process adhering to the highest quality available. 

If possible I like to use materials found in nature or try to recycle antiques and give them new purpose.