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Not many people know this, but Bohemianoriginally referred to inhabitants of Bohemia, a historical region of the Czech Republic. It was not until the 19th century that France coined the term, actually mistaking nomadic Romani people for citizens of Bohemia. This case of mistaken identity led to an interweaving of concepts; specifically wanderer, free-spirit, artist, and liberalist, that now make up Bohemian as we know it.  


Inspired by travelers and artists, the Bohemian style is fundamentally a life’s collection. Color and pattern rule in these vibrant spaces and about anything goes.  But if you don’t have the time or patience to travel the world and collect precious items, then stick to these seven simple elements to create a Boho Chic home, in much less than a lifetime.



1. Pattern and Colour 

Pattern and Colour are the Essential Elements of a Bohemian Interior

Image by: Catch


A Bohemian interior is always vibrant and inviting. Get the free-spirited atmosphere by introducing different patterns and colors to a room.  Add multi-patterned and printed scatter cushions to the lounge and bedroom. Use oversized pillows as impromptu seating for extra guests.


Dodge a sloppy interior by working with a muted backdrop. Pick one color for the walls to act as a canvas from which to showcase your arty décor finds.  If you can’t resist a vigorously patterned wall, then keep to a unified color scheme by matching some of the wall colors to your accessories.



2. Vintage

Boho Chic Interior with Vintage Furniture

    Image by: The Glitter Guide


    Here’s your chance to grab your tote bag and delve into second-hand and antique stores for that perfect couch or mirror. True Bohemians, as the French understood them, where vagabonds with little money who collected and inherited most of their possessions. That’s why the Bohemian trend relies on a unique collected aesthetic. Use only your favorite pieces, as too many vintage items, can be costly and create a thrift store look.



    3. Quirky Décor Finds

    Bohemian Lounge with Quirky Decor

      Image by: House Beautiful


      Have fun with the Boho trend; bring out the unusual pieces that you love! These fun little furnishings add personality to a space and build your visual story. Ladders, flamingo art, and a banana leaf lamp are all great contenders. However, be wary of just piling things into a room. Boho gone wrong can have you wondering where’s the exitas you find yourself amidst a confusing collection of clutter.



      4. Textures

      Textures in a Bohemian Chic Bedroom

        Image by: House Beautiful


        Wicker, weave, and wood are tried and tested Boho décor elements. Get out the tapestries, woolen rugs, and tassels. Use woven kilims as tapestries, upholstery and even lampshades. Layering different textures and patterns over each other is a great way to create a rich and vibrant interior. A touch of wood art can add to a natural aesthetic and visual texture.



        5. Worldly Wonder

        Worldly Bohemian Tea Nook

          Image by: French and French Interiors


          Channel a well-traveled gypsetter air by selecting pieces from all over the globe. Collect things on your travels, even if it’s from a neighboring town. That strange little teapot or oddly shaped coffee table will feel right at home in your eccentric Boho Chic pad.



          6. Curated Culture

          Bohemian Living Room with Music, Art and Literature

          Image by: Megan Georgopoulos


          Since the essence of Boho hinges on creative inclinations, art has to be incorporated into the style in one form or another. Musical instruments can be used as artwork and hung on the wall, and the same goes for books, especially older hardcover novels. But, a trusty gallery wall can be more than enough. Monochromatic paintings or prints act as the perfect tool to reign in the wildness of a colorful Boho interior.



          7. Greenery

           Bohemian Daybed with Indoor Plants

          Image by: My Domaine


          The magic of plants is they can invigorate any space they live in, whether it’s the office, a bathroom, or even a storefront. And greenery brings a Bohemian interior to life. Whatever the color scheme or decoration, plants will complement and enhance your interior choices, while improving the air you breathe.


          A Bohemian interior is innately personal, so take charge and make it your own! Be experimental, change what you don’t like and keep what you do. That’s the great thing about the Boho trend; it’s the most forgiving when it comes to decorating.



          If you’re ready to get a head start with your Bohemian Chic interior, browse our art collection and printed scatter cushions for more inspiration!




          Feature image by Emily Henderson

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