Design Trends for 2020

Design Trends for 2020


It’s a perfect time to spruce up your home. One of the best ways to brighten up those dreary January days is to browse through magazines, catalogs and retail establishments looking to see what you can do to change your décor. Can be a few little touches, can be a major renovation. 

 Here we have a few of the most “with it” trends. Use them for inspiration. Take “one from column A and one from column B.” Use them as a jumping off point to design a décor that is distinctly yours.


Image by: Minh Pham


 A little Japanese minimalism + a little Scandinavian simplicity = a décor that embraces the effortless beauty of nature. This trend is for those whose homes are their sanctuaries and who embrace clean lines, subdued colors and uncluttered spaces.

 The materials are unpretentious: rattan, jute, hemp, sisal and terracotta. The Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi (finding beauty in natural imperfections) is evident in the reintroduction of burnt wood for outdoor use. The black and dark woods of Japanese décor give depth to the blonde woods of Scandinavia. The rich silk fabrics, graceful motifs and stylized Oriental prints soften the structure shapes of furniture.

 The Tree Art print represents both Japanese and Scandinavian art while making a statement on tree and habitat conservation.



Image by: Jared Rice


 The word may be new to you, but the concept reaches far back into antiquity. Representations of animals and plants have long been used for decorative and symbolic ornamentation for cultures around the world. Classic examples include the garden courtyards of the Alhambra in Spain, bonsai in Japanese homes, papyrus ponds in the homes of Egyptian nobles and the cottage gardens in medieval Germany.

 As we now grapple with the need to protect our planet while having a stylish home, this new trend incorporates human design and natural elements in a way that doesn’t seem manufactured.  Recycled wood can be used for chairs, tables and floors. Plants give your home an organic aesthetic. Bedrooms and bathrooms are transformed into ethereal spaces created by using rich earthy elements including metals, wood and stone. One thing is guaranteed: sustainable is never going out of style.

 Don’t Hem Me In is an original artwork that makes a beautiful statement about the need to protect our environment.


Image by: Christian Mackie


 Another element from antiquity is marble. Think of the classical elegance of artifacts from Ancient Greece and Rome. Also think of it as another way of honoring nature in our homes. Marble is formed of recrystallized carbonite minerals, which give it the various colored veins, patterns and glistening sparkle. One of the treasures of marble is that every piece is unique. Another is its beauty and timelessness—no matter how small or how large the marble that you add to your décor.

 You may add accessories such as a vase, bowl or serving tray; a pair of lamps or candle holders; a marble cutting board in the kitchen; a marble-topped coffee table or side table; all the way up to whole stunning wall made of marble!


 Metals are in! And they are here to stay. In the past, we tried to match metals. Today, we mix: brass door handles with copper light fixtures; silver and brown metals with iron, gold or bronze.

 You do not have to forego the natural look to bring in the metallic elements. Gold or brass chandeliers, wall sconces and pendant lights add drama to your natural wood furniture. Silver and its relatives (nickel, chrome, aluminum and stainless steel ) are highly reflective as well as being durable. You can choose from a sparkling “mirror” finish to a more vintage dull brushed finish. Tin panels are going to be the latest “must have” in backsplash options for your kitchen. Ornamental metals can change the look of any interior. Wrought iron railings and banisters turn a staircase into a showcase, and wrought iron hardware for cabinets and doors turn “ordinary” into “extraordinary.”

 Winter Is Coming, an original artwork, echoes the golden tones of brass and copper.


Image by: Agata Create


 Yes, believe it or not—velvet is back! It’s luxurious. It’s comfortable. It now comes in a wide range of colors, from vibrant jewel tones to soft neutrals. You can have a pop of colorful velvet or use it as a focal point.

 For a touch of velvet, toss textured velvet pillows on your couch or bed in different sizes and colors. Or for a more bohemian look, velvet floor pillows provide extra seating or a cozy way to watch television. Place them around your coffee table for eating take-out. A velvet ottoman or pouf allows you to place the piece of luxury where you want on any given day. How about a velvet-covered bench in the entryway or at the foot of your bed? And for those who like to dive right in to new trends, a plush couch in emerald green or sapphire blue!

 Having now put you in touch with what’s ahead for the fashionable home, we want to assure you that the point is not to follow a trend for that trend’s sake. Make it your own, and remember that, in general, less is more.

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