Christmas Decorations: Dare to be Different

Christmas Decorations: Dare to be Different

(You Can Escape the Red and Green Rut)

 Who said Christmas has to be red and green? And why do we follow along mindlessly? It’s possible to decorate without red and green while retaining the Christmas spirit and having a home that is welcoming to your guests. Take the opportunity to express your creativity and infuse your holiday décor with more of your own personality. There’s a bonus: You may just find you enjoy your new Christmas decorations so much you want to leave them up well after the holiday season. And since they aren’t red and green, you can do that. So, throw off those red and green constraints. Let your imagination run wild. Here we have a few ideas to get those creative juices flowing. We would be glad to hear what different decorations you came up and how they were received by family and friends.


 Black Is the New Red and Green

That may be an exaggeration, but first thing you need to do is replace the image in your mind of a spooky Addams Family Christmas with that of a black tie affair: tuxedos and designer gowns, ultra-sophisticated and elegant.

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The trend toward black Christmas trees began in the United Kingdom and continues to spread. Google black trees and you will see that they come in every size and shape. Decorate the tree in white balls and white bows with some gold accents. Or all gold and silver ornaments—beyond chic! The one “rule” is not to overload the tree with decorations. Gaudy is not “black tie.”

To carry the sophisticated and formal theme to the presents beneath the tree, wrap them in black paper (preferably matte) and adorn with festive gold bows. The oohs and aahs will begin before the gifts are even opened.

For a nearby sofa or love seat, pick up the black with throw pillows that incorporate reindeer into your décor.


Decorating the dinner table in black, white and bright yellow is a stunning, non-traditional (and enviable) color scheme. For instance, arrange the silverware on a black napkin on a white plate and tie it all up with a wide yellow ribbon. Pick up the black in the place cards. There are many arrangements you can make with this striking color combination. Pick one color for the tablecloth and have fun with the other two colors. Make a centerpiece of black, white and gold ornaments or place an ornament at every place setting. For a delightful touch of whimsy, clip small bumblebees around the table for your guests to find. 


A Modern “Spin” on Red and Green

Not quite ready to make the leap to black? Why not a variation of red and green, such as bright pink and seafoam green or yellow-green? It will take your holiday décor to a whole new level. Bright pink is festive and bold and it makes a statement. It is not a poor relative of Christmas red! But use it sparingly—you don’t want your home to look like Barbie lives there!

Greet your guests with a bright, uplifting print, Fancy Tulips, in the foyer to prepare them for the pink ahead!

Image by:@pinkhouseliving

Pink poinsettias give you the best of both worlds: the traditional plant in a modern and traffic-stopping color. If you prefer subtlety, instead of using the whole plant, cut a few blooms to display in simple vases or use as focal points in other arrangement. To step a bit farther away from ordinary, place pink carnations, mauve dahlias and/or peppermint tulips in plain white vases on fluffy white material for a winter wonderland feel.

Continue the pink theme with gifts wrapped in off-green paper and big pink ribbons.

A pink tablecloth and matching pink napkins are all you need to transform your dinner table. Add white dishes and a centerpiece of glittery pink ornaments amid branches and twigs you have painted or stained a barely green color. 


Have a Hygge Christmas

 Hygge (hue-guh) is a Danish word for a lifestyle is simple, sincere, content, cozy, welcoming and harmonious. That makes a good description of the true meaning of Christmas, don’t you think? A hygge Christmas celebrates nature and its colors.


Image by:@ria.fletcher

You don’t have to roam big box stores for an artificial tree or acres of live trees to chop one down and get it home. Just take a walk through a wooded area and find yourself a Charlie Brown tree. Decorate it with a few fairy lights and some small ornaments or do-it-yourself snowflakes.

While wondering through the woods, collect fallen branches, twigs, bark, sprigs of greenery, pine cones and the like. There are your decorations to arrange along a mantle. Or perhaps fill a basket with your treasures. Wrap twinkling lights around some branches. Gather some twigs together and place in mason jars for your coffee table or a buffet. Add some tealights and you have a mesmerizing centerpiece.

 Make the space where you will visit with your family and friends comfortable, warm and serene. A place to share the joy of the season, to both reminisce and create new memories. Neutral colors in faux fur and fleece throws; chunky, snuggly blankets; soft comforters and fluffy pillows in all sizes to sink into. A great start for your hygge home is this Black & White Knitted Throw and Cushion Set. And the set makes a beautiful gift, for instance, for newlyweds.

 Adding the unexpected is a good interior design tip. So, amidst the neutral colors and natural treasures of your hygge holiday, clip a small bright red cardinal (or two or three) onto a branch. Yes, there are places where you must have red!


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