How to Bring Art into Your Kitchen?

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One could argue that whatever you do in the kitchen is a form of art. And it really is. The sound of chopping, sizzling, clanking, and humming compose a unique symphony. All the colors and shapes on the plate blend to create a tantalizing image. Then the well-rehearsed moves of a skilled cook, fetching the spices, grabbing the tools, whisking, and stirring are all reminiscent of a dance. Finally, the smells tinkling up the nostrils and the explosion of taste overwhelming the taste buds are deserving of the epithet - it is art. So, as a keen cook, you already bring art into your kitchen. But if you want to do more, there are ways to adorn your kitchen in a way that it becomes a masterpiece, just like your food is.

Pick framed artwork

A kitchen is a place where life happens. The cooking itself is a major spatter hazard for art pieces. Humidity is also an issue. And if you have little kids, you know how messy things can get. Therefore, steer clear of anything unframed. The artwork you bring into your kitchen, flower prints, posters, or children’s artwork, has to be safe behind the glass. Even if your new piece becomes an unfortunate victim of an accidental spritz, you can easily wipe it off.

Go vibrant

We know how colors can affect our mood. Soothing gray and natural tones are suitable for your bedroom to help you relax and set out on the journey to dreamland. In the kitchen, though, you have a unique opportunity to play with colors. Bold and vibrant options will keep you alert and awake. A beautiful minimalist watercolor bird print will undoubtedly freshen up any space. You will realize that you can whisk up new recipes and other concoctions effortlessly and enjoy the time you spend in your kitchen more.

Combine different ingredients

When you add art to your kitchen, you should try not to make it look too uniform. Thus, pay with various sizes, shapes, textures, and colors. Much like you experiment with different ingredients to prepare imaginative meals, you should mix up diverse elements to create a perfect recipe for your kitchen art. Also, make sure you add a bit of personality that will reflect the people who live there.

Use various shapes, sizes, and textures when you add art to your kitchen.

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So, if you have some artwork waiting for you to rescue it from the darkness of a storage unit, attic, or basement, check it out. Perhaps that is what your kitchen needs. But remember that artwork requires special attention when transporting it from one place to another. Thus, it would be wise to let professionals handle the transfer of valuable pieces to your home. If you have finally set some time aside to bring art into your kitchen, do it right. 

Be careful with the placement when you bring art into your kitchen

When decorating your home, placement is a crucial element. In the kitchen, besides aesthetic appeal, you also have to worry about the functionality. So, never put anything above the stove or near your coffee maker. They emit a lot of steam which will affect your artwork over time. 

Use the available wall space

The issue with the kitchens is that they usually have little wall space due to all the gadgets and cabinets you need. However, if you are among the lucky ones who have more room, don't think that a gallery wall is strictly reserved for the living room. It's incredible what a collection of paintings, photographs, or prints can do for your kitchen. It will elevate the space and show off your good taste.

Additional tip: If you hang art on the walls, it's always a good idea to keep it at eye level. 

Use the dead space above the cabinets

Still, if you are dealing with limited space, you can go up. The area above your cabinets is a good place for artwork. Not only will it transform your kitchen, but it will also keep all the pieces safe from all the heat, moisture, and splashing. This area is excellent for a whole array of pieces, and it will keep your countertops clutter-free.

Be creative when looking for space for art in your kitchen.

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Add art around the window

If there is a window in your kitchen, you can place some photographs or prints around it. You can do it symmetrically, using art in matching frames and with a similar theme. A landscape print set is a beautiful idea. It will add an orderly and calming feel while being elegant and classy. Alternatively, if there is no window in the kitchen, you can add a piece of art where you think a window should be. 

Don't shy away from breakfast nooks and tables

A kitchen island, breakfast nook, a table, or whatever surface you have at your disposal is a suitable place for a piece of art. So long as you are confident you won't accidentally knock it over, placing a sculpture on these areas can really spruce up your kitchen.

Make use of open shelves to bring art into your kitchen

You will keep your countertops clear with some open shelving above them. Displaying some art photography, small sculptures, nature prints, or even framed kids' drawings onto them will look visually appealing, and that will be the perfect way to add a personal touch to your kitchen decor.

Use the space between the cabinets

Perhaps unexpected, but the space between the upper and lower cabinets is perfect for art. Moreover, art photography covered with protective glass is an incredible backsplash idea. 

Wall art is not the only form of art

Remember, wall art and sculptures are not the only art forms there are. Thinking outside the box is especially necessary when you don't have the luxury of ample wall space in your kitchen. Ceiling decoration or sculptural lighting fixtures can be wonderful statement pieces. An interesting vase is also an option that can be decorative even when not serving its primary function.

Lighting fixtures, clocks, and vases can also be a way to bring art into your kitchen.

Alt: A kitchen with an interesting clock and ceiling light, symbolizing ways to bring art into your kitchen.

Somehow, the room where everything happens, the room that is the center of all family life, the place where culinary magic lives, is also the last room we pay attention to when decorating. The kitchen is either the room with no art and décor whatsoever or, even worse, a place where we cram all the tacky, flea-market "artifacts." Neither should be acceptable. Not when there are so many brilliant ways to bring art into your kitchen.


 Meta: Here are some guidelines on how to bring art into your kitchen, add a personal touch, spruce it up, and create a space where your culinary imagination can run wild.


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