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The days are getting longer and the sun brighter, which means our homes are begging for a sunny-themed summer makeover! This is the season when you finally have the time to introduce the best home decor ideas for summer. So, make use of this opportunity and play around by creating upscale decor on a small scale budget. You can finally refresh the colors and details in your home without worrying if they are too bold or eccentric. And that is the beauty of summertime. 

 Summer is an excellent season for decorating because it allows you to unleash your creativity in any way you like. From dashing artwork to beach-inspired colors and patterns - almost anything goes as long as you embrace the warm summer vibes. With that said, let’s take a look at a few home decor ideas for the summer of 2021. 

Summer floral decor - give it a go!

You can hardly go wrong with floral-themed pillows or artwork because flowers capture the essence of summer perfectly. Suppose you feel your home needs a more impactful summer-inspired transformation. In that case, you might even want to consider switching to wallpaper or even tiles with arabesque-styled cactus, orchid, or palm tree patterns. 


This turn to nature will freshen up your porch, kitchen, or bathroom as it evokes the everlasting sun and tropical flora that can be found in Spain, Morocco, or the Caribbean. Another great perk is that you do not have to water these plants and flowers - no withering this summer!

Copper tones are all the rage in the summer of 2021

Although metal is usually not associated with summer months, the muted, warm copper-toned sheen is perfect for adding a touch of summer-inspired elegance into your living space. So, if you plan to incorporate new furniture to celebrate the arrival of summer, look into pieces that have copper or goldish brown accents. 

A nightstand or a lamp in these tones can be incredibly streamlined and chic but also warm and summery. But why stop at furniture? If you intend to host summertime dinner parties or cocktail evenings, glasses and cutlery with a copper finish will be the talk of the town. 

The color green reigns supreme in summer

Aside from florals and copper tones, green is also a great color to bring out the summer vibes in your home. Green is the color of nature and rejuvenation, which is why interior designers rely on it profusely for summer-themed projects. 

Green details or artwork depicting palm trees or plants such as Adam’s needle can freshen up any room or backyard. You can even introduce the color green in the form of decorative details such as doorknobs or curtains. 

Green paint also contrasts nicely with gold and copper finishes, and it is a relatively inexpensive and creative way to remodel your home! So, if you are looking for affordable solutions for your summertime decor, painting or reupholstering your furniture to include specks and patterns of green paint contrasted with white or fuschia is a great way to make your home reminiscent of lush summer gardens. 

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(Vertical) gardening as a decorative strategy

If these home decor ideas for summer are too bold for you, you can literally go green by bringing in lots of plants into your home. No amount of plants is ever too much. Not to mention plants are the most environmentally-friendly way to freshen up the air and make shade in and around your home. 

You can even take advantage of the summer holidays by experimenting with vertical gardening as a decorative technique. You can train vines to envelop the sculptures in your home or garden. Also, cascading pots, metal rings, and intertwined plants are other vertical gardening techniques to try out this summer. 

Don’t forget about summer prints, patterns, and motifs

Apart from greenery and leaves, you can also introduce symbols of summertime such as flamingos, cacti, sunsets, waves, beaches, starfish, clams, ferns, surfing, paintings symbolizing dancing or falling in love, etc. You can go for wallpaper patterns, miniature sculptures, or artwork depicting anything that reminds you of the summer holidays. Your summer-themed overhaul is an excellent opportunity to invest in your first piece of art


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Turn your home into a tropical jungle

Speaking of prints and patterns, some homeowners adore jungle animal prints such as leopard spots or zebra stripes. So, carpets and tapestries that remind you of beaches and jungles are great (and easily removable) items for turning your home into a tropical jungle. 


What’s more, you can even turn parts of your home into a mini jungle sanctuary. Add lots of: 

  • tropical plants 
  • vases
  • scented candles 
  • wicker furniture
  • bamboo swings or furniture
  • tiki torches
  • totem-like decoration 
  • other jungle-inspired home decor. 

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Animals as inspiration

If you find basing your home decor ideas for summer on jungle animals too obvious, you can take another animal that reminds you of summer and make it the center of your decoration. Our pick this summer is butterfly-inspired art, but you can take any animal you associate with summertime. 


You will be pleased to hear that depictions of butterflies are in accordance with the principles of feng shui. This means that images and art that depict butterflies have a balancing effect on the internal constellation of your interior design. 

Terracotta is a great summer decor material

Terracotta means ‘baked earth’ in Italian. This material is excellent for evoking Mediterranean vibes in your kitchen but also the exterior of your home. Terracotta plant pots or plates are outstanding organic elements you can use to give an organic accent to all of your home decor ideas for summer.


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