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As you scrolled though Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest or any myriad of sites the past few months you may have noticed some minimalistic themed, creamy white and soothing grey home décor pictures. If you paused a moment to read a caption you may have glimpsed words like Scandinavian chic or Scandi décor, Hygge and finally Lagom dominated last year’s Scandinavian trends.  So what about this year?  Well it seems the Scandi trends will continue through 2018.  Wait a minute though you need to know what they are to decide if it’s a Scandi life for you, right!  Okay let’s dive right in and as they say a picture is worth a thousand words.

(photo by

So, it’s all about grey, any and all shades of grey! 

So in this photo we do see lots of grey tones but what about the splash of green?  l know its subtle and often it is not as subtle as in this photo but the use of an accent color is a must.  Blue tones are very popular.  You will also notice the minimalist theme and that theme runs through all the Nordic trends, and is captured in the word “Lagom” which actually means enough but not too much.  In a world where we are so busy and “plugged in” all the time, this trend, which is more like a lifestyle really challenges us to look at our homes as a calm minimalistic oasis, full of soothing tones and textures.

(Photo by: ArchiVIZ)

Did you say texture?

I love this bathroom, natural wood surfaces and real candles!  You might think that with all those white and grey tones that a Scandinavian style would feel cold, but it’s actually all about cozy comfort.  That is what the accent color and the texture pieces add to this style, the cozy feel.  So how could you add some texture?  How about real birch branches, sprigs of  red dogwood, re-purpose barn board shelving, or maybe an antique leather chair.  Not only leather, checkout this last photo, how about fur?


To me, nothing says cozy better than real/faux fur!

 A real book, not a Kobo I might add.   Pass me a mug of hot cocoa and I’m here for the day. I see a solid color grey couch in the background a great choice for the anchor color for the room. That adorable little wicker basket adds so much more to the space, things are usually in the little details. 

So as you read this you might stop to gaze around your home.  You think, where do I start?  Why not start with a wall of cluster hangings, like in the first photo and see how that feels.  It could just be the start you need to a Scandi-style way of life.  Now where’s that cocoa?

 By: Angie Evans, visual artist, Ontario, Canada 


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