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The start of the new year always heralds trendsetters to forecast what’s going to take center stage in fashion and interior design. This year, color experts claim tones of spiced honey and coral are going to be big, but what is art going to say in 2019? Monochromatic and minimalist line art dominated this year, but it looks like we’re heading into a more playful realm. Experts say graphic design will be the antonym of boredom and discouragement and fine art seems to be fully on board. Maximalist, youthful and fun: let’s take a look at the visual art trends for 2019.


Simplified Color & Shape

warhol inspired modern art

Image by: Elle Decor

Block colors and simplified shapes are on the cards for 2019 with some pieces to resemble optical art. Bold and bright hues are fragmented into solid shapes to form slightly abstract human figures. Artists like Bridget Riley take simplifying a step further by combining op art with impressionism in her line driven artwork.


A New Mixed Media

mixed media modern art exhibition

Image by: Architectural Digest

Artists continue to blend sculptural and conventional art elements to create new and unexpected pieces. Abstract sculpture has taken on new meaning with works from artists like José Davila, juxtaposing natural and industrial components. Artists have also taken to using contemporary art trends as a medium for social activism, especially in recycling materials.


Youthful & Fun

playful abstract art

Image by: Arent Pyke

Uplifting imagery is what we can look forward to in 2019. Creators tell their narrative through light and almost childlike elements. Even when the subject matter has a deeper meaning, the artwork seems cheerful. This fun approach to art also has a surrealistic aesthetic.


Think Water

watercolor modern art

Image by: Eporta

This liquid trend cascaded onto the scene in recent years, but 2019 promises even more watery-inspired designs in anything from furniture to wallpaper and hanging art. The effect boasts swirls, splashes, and drops that imitate the natural movement of fluid on a finished product. Much like stylized nature forms, liquid effect artwork softens hard structural elements in interiors.


Revising Human Figures

human figure themed artwork

Image by: Elle Decor

Figure studies are resurfacing in all shapes and styles. It seems that contemporary artists have found a renewed interest in the human form, but the styles differ significantly. The artwork can resemble a range of styles from Picasso, Matisse, Léger, and Michelangelo. Many of these pieces focus on giving a new narrative to the female form and desexualizing intertwined figures.


Focus on Negative space

artwork with negative space

Image by: Arent Pyke

Current art trends are all about minimalist and monochromatic, and it seems that these will still be popular in the new year. Minimalist in essence, artwork with abundant use of negative space adds visual stillness and calm to an interior. The emptiness around the central image allows the picture to grow figuratively. Negative-space art pieces are perfect for eclectic, minimalist and even maximalist interior styles.


Creative Photography

abstract photographic art

Image by: Pierce and Ward

Expressive and personal themes surround creative photography, and artist like Martine Gutierrez depict social and personal subject matter in bold and colorful self-portraits. Again, we’ll see a surrealistic element combined with a portion of fun.



typography as art

Image by: Apartment Therapy

Overuse of text art reached a cringe-worthy state in interior design. However, typography has got a new look that fits a sophisticated interior. Text as art can be legible, completely illegible, or simply a jumble of letters as the focus is not on the words themselves but their design.



nostalgic art trend

Image by: Elle Decor

The 80s and 90s are still influencing contemporary artwork, which results in pieces that are nostalgic, without manipulating a generation based on what they felt about the original reference. Contemporary 90s art resembles iconic styles from the era but not the subject matter.

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Feature image by Axis Mundi Interiors

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