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A guide to buying art for your home

Expressive, meaningful and beautiful art can make a house feel like home, but how do you choose? Buying artis an exciting yet daunting experience, especially when you want to find something that resonates with your personality and interior style. Thankfully, no art-buyer has to be intimidated any longer. We’ve put together a practical guide to buying art for a home.


Buying Art for Art’s Sake or as an Investment

buying art for your home

Image by: Pierce and Ward

According to top art collector Kim Camacho, she sells art “when the market values it more” than she does but buys if she values “a piece more than the market does”. However, buying art as investment relies on research and not on impulse. Nevertheless, purchase what you like because the market is fickle.

Building an art collection is costly and art advisor, Edie Hu, suggest not starting too low on the price scale but when it comes to buying art for art’s sake anything goes. Yes, it’s gratifying if a piece of art you own doubles or triples its value in 5 years. However, overlooking artwork that you’re drawn to, to secure a high return, can end up being a wasted opportunity.

Buying art as an investment is a long term practice, and it can work well with buying art for personal preference. However, if you’re buying art for art’s sake, you’re free to experiment with your style. So, here is our guide on how to buy art for your home.


1# Know What You Like

how to buy art for your home

Image by: Architectural Digest

Go to a few galleries or visit an artist’s online store to get an idea of what you prefer. There is no wrong or right when it comes to artwork, but some styles will suit your interior better than others. For instance, art from Japan’s 1960s Gutai movement will look out of place in a farmhouse cottage but will complement a contemporary condo. Nonetheless, feel free to mix styles and eras as you need to.


2# Budget Before Buying

how to buy art artefacts

Image by: Arent & Pyke

A basic budget will help in choosing art for your home. If you’re planning to attend an art event, visit a gallery or buy art online, set up a budget first. Be aware of what you can afford and know when you should rather say no and walk away.


3# Like it, Buy it

how to buy art as an investment

Image by: Architectural Digest

If you are besotted with a piece of art and can afford the purchase, get it. Our taste in art is inherently personal and cannot be dictated by what others like. Also, hesitating too long might see you losing out on something memorable. 


4# Payment Plans

how to buy art for a scandinavian home

Image by: Arent & Pyke

Discuss payment options with the artist. Galleries receive a large portion of the artwork’s price. Often it’s more affordable to contact an artist directly, and they are willing to discuss different payment options. Plus, you will help the artist to get a better deal too.


5# Attend Art Events

how to buy art that is colorful

Image by: Elle Décor

You might discover an appreciation for an art form you disregarded before. Go to gallery openings and art events to get a feel for what you like, what it costs and who the local artists are in your area. Always try to purchase art directly from the artist or their online platform.


6# Commission a Piece

buying art for your home kitchen

Image by: Pierce and Ward

If you want to grow your art collection and have been following an artist, request a commissioned artwork. This approach is ideal if you have a particular idea of what you want or if you missed out on one of the artist’s previous works. In commissioning art, you will enhance your collection as well as boost the artist’s profile.


7# Insure Investment Art

how to buy art in a gallery

Image by: Arent & Pyke

From sketches to sculptures, coveted art can cost the same as a small island. So, if you’ve secured your investment, be sure to secure it too. Contact your insurer to get assistance with art insurance and insight into the value of your artwork.

Now you’re ready to buy art for your home or invest! Check out our art collection for inspiration and to help you discover what your art-style is.


Feature image by Pierce and Ward

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