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Art can express our likes, dislikes, what we love or even capture how we feel. This subjective quality makes choosing artwork undeniably personal. But it also means that the style of artwork that we do end up taking home is as varied as our personalities.

Different artistic styles may seem like they clash at first, but with a few tricks, you can successfully mix any form of fine art. Here is a quick guide to mixing art styles to help create your beautiful bespoke home.


#1 One Color to Rule

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Coordinate artwork through one primary color. What you choose can be colorful, but the main hue should feature in each piece; if they have the same accent or base color, they will work well together.

Another option is to create an analogous art series, which refers to colors that sit next to each other on the color wheel like blue, purple and red. Or, take a purist approach and choose monochromatic art pieces, that have varied shades or tones of your selected color.


#2 Create a Moment in History

how to mix artwork successfully

Image by: Marie Flanigan Interiors

Art can vary significantly within a specific time in history. For instance, the 1900s saw great works from Frida Kahlo, Andy Warhol, and Jackson Pollock, each with a profoundly different artistic style than the other. Choose your favorite pieces from your preferred year, decade or eon and create a moment in time with a timeline gallery wall.

If you admire a particular time in history, are an art collector, or you want to commemorate a memorable event, this method is ideal for your home. This method is also perfect for immortalizing a specific day, like a birthday, anniversary or achievement. Find artwork that was made or exhibited on the date and create a feature wall to celebrate it.


#3 Match Media

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Synchronize different artistic styles through media. Charcoal, pencil, oil paint, acrylic paint, water paint, mixed media, glass, and clay are only a few of the many mediums available. Spoiled for choice, you need but pick one, and it’ll make mixing different art styles so much easier.

Whether it’s graphite or paint, each medium has a distinct characteristic that can bind different styles together.


#4 Think in Themes

how to mix art from different artistic styles

Image by: Adam Letch

Grouping or coordinating art in your home is made easy when you have a theme. Themed art compositions, albeit from various styles and media, can form a balanced feature wall because they are governed by the same atmosphere.

Choose, and be guided by, one subject like the human figure (silhouettes, profiles, social activities), animal art (grazing animals, a specific animal like a bird or horse), landscapes (seascape, forests, valleys) or still life.

how to mix art from different artistic styles

Image by: Apartment Therapy

Alternatively, pick a theme based on emotion. We tend to buy artwork that makes us feel something: joy, peace, sadness. When starting your curated art collection, or if you want to exhibit favorites you own, pick an emotion, and then collect pieces that replicate the feeling. For example, a landscape may give you a peaceful atmosphere, while a soft green and blue abstract art may have a similar effect.


#5 Similar Shape

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Choose an artwork from any style and medium but focus on the size. Be pedantic and pick an assortment of the same-sized wall art or similar-height sculptures to fit together in your space. Similar to a color scheme, matching sizes is one of the safer ways to mix art with different artistic styles. Plus, the impact of your collection depends on how big your willing to go.


#6 Playful Contrast

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Image by: Style Squeeze

Stand out by selecting art pieces that have inherently opposing styles and mediums. Juxtaposed artworks often have an ironic or satirical effect and are best done in excess that suits maximalist interiors. The surprise of contrasting art brings a light-heartedness into the interior but can also convey a deeper meaning.


Did you know that unlike art trends art movements can last beyond one lifetime? There is a seemingly endless see of art styles, but here are the top six that you are bound to see in your lifetime:

  1. Realism
  2. Impressionism
  3. Surrealism
  4. Art Photography
  5. Abstract Art
  6. Pop Art

Are you ready to mix artistic styles in your interior? Browse our art collection to help you get started!


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