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Whether you’ve seen thousands of inspirational images or only one, choosing art for your own home can be a challenge. Luckily, all you need to do is consider three key points to keep overwhelming feelings at bay while creating an art-filled abode.

3 Things That You Need to Consider Before Choosing Art:


1. What is your budget?

Your budget will determine what type of art arrangement is best suited to your wallet and your home.


2. How much space do you have in your home and how much wall area are you willing to set aside?


    Tiny spaces can still be beautified, but it doesn’t have to be through hanging prints or pictures. Art with a functional aspect may be better suited to smaller spaces.


    3. Do you want the artwork to be the focus of the interior, or merely to complement your existing furniture?

      Deciding whether you want the artwork to pop in the interior or not will determine what you’ll end up bringing home.

      The Classic

      The traditional way is the tried and tested route. Painted or printed artwork is safe in their ability to be moved around.

      Make A Single Statement

      statement oversized artwork

      Image by: Erin Gates Design

      Keep it simple with one artwork. Choose a large canvas as a striking statement piece or opt for a minimalistic approach with a smaller piece to create an exclusive exhibition-like atmosphere. The furniture in the room will help you to determine where to hang this statement piece. A single item is ideal above a bed or sofa with the focus on furniture symmetry.


      4-print series animal prints

      Image by: Erin Gates Design

      Buying art in a series can make life a whole lot easier. Stick with one artist’s work or keep to a theme when choosing your components. A sequence works best in pairs or placements of three, four of five, but you’re welcome to add more to your collection. A series is perfect for rectangular rooms or wider walls. Complement a large dining table with a series, or adorn a hallway with your favorites.


      Gallery Wall

      William Moris settee with eclectic gallery wall

      Image by: Jersey Ice Cream Co.

      The most fun element of a gallery wall is that is can be multi-dimensional which means these curated walls can consist of framed art, multi-media or a mix of both. Play curator by arranging your favorite pieces, both one- and two dimensional. Reliefs, sculptures, masks, ceramics, textiles, and photos are a few of the many items that can create an awe-inspiring wall! A gallery wall is perfect as a feature in a living room or as an interactive playroom wall for kids.



      skull and prints over fireplace

      Image by: Emily Henderson

      Ditch the hammer and the nail and go the free-spirited way with freestanding artwork. Lean artwork against a wall or arrange on a mantelpiece or bookshelf. The height and wall and width of the shelf will determine the size of the collection, but this is the perfect opportunity to play around with the composition. This is also the ideal rental solution where you don’t want to damage the walls.

      The Dramatic

      Go above and beyond a frame by investing in a large area like a wall or ceiling for the ultimate interior statement.


      Whole Wall

      dramatic floral wallpaper bathroom with gold accents

      Image by: Simply Grove

      Oversized prints are everywhere in the interior world at the moment. So, why not take a design to the next level with a wonderful wall print? Wallpaper can be as beautifully dramatic as a full-scale mural.


      vaulted dining room ceiling with painted map

      Image by: House Beautiful

      We’re sticking to full-scale beauties because a ceiling can be the most fabulous feature in a home without being a Michaelangelo-type fresco. A stylised print or dark painted ceiling with contrasting detail like a ceiling rose can be as effective.

      The Alternative

      Art is limitless! So, if the traditional wall hanging or dramatic mural isn’t your idea of interior paradise we’ve put together our favorite alternatives.

      Room Divider

      contemporary bedroom with minimalist room divider

      Image by: Architectural Digest

      Dividers come in all shapes and sizes and are not only nice to look at, but functional too. Intricately carved wood room dividers have a sculptural quality to them, but if the budget allows, why not give a human-sized artwork a try? Remember to anchor a large piece to the floor and wall for it to stay put. For a hinged divider, a multi-paneled work like a large polyptych can work or use a printed fabric for a classic divider.


      large indoor plant in industrial loft

      Image by: Architectural Digest

      There is an exquisite beauty to nature that is art in itself. Tone down an interior with natural accent pieces. Incorporate lush greenery in artisanal ceramic or clay pots. Extend the thread throughout your home with handmade vases, bowls, and crockery in the kitchen.


      boho living room with plants and textures

      Image by: Justina Blakeney

      Add texture to your walls with woven tapestries. A tassel, fringe or woolen texture is dreamily suited to a Bohemian or Scandinavian interior. Options are endless with wool, seagrass, and printed linen at the forefront. Add beautiful throws or scatter cushions instead of nailing something to the wall. A feature piece of furniture with a striking print or texture can be enough to transform an interior.


      eclectic fireplace with tiles

      Image by: Amber Interiors

      The kitchen and bathroom are often a tad more challenging to adorn with artwork. Skip the trouble and opt for an arty tiled backsplash. Mexican tiles are a frequent favorite with Moroccan-inspired ceramic tiles hot on their heels. Tiles with colorful floral or mandala motifs can brighten a room while adding a worldly atmosphere.


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      Feature image by Jersey Ice Cream Co.

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