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The best of both is a phrase we associate with advertising, and it’s seldom that we find it to be true. It’s not often that we feel we get the best of both. But now thanks to the combination of two well-loved interior styles, you might just get the best of bothfor your home. Farmhemian is the ultimate combination of comfort, wood, and tassels that makes us swoon.

Let’s first break down the two styles individually.

What is Farmhouse?

farmhouse bathroom

Image by: Sarah Eliot

A farmhouse style relies on rustic roots. This style is all about pure comfort without the fuss. Practicality reigns as layouts and furniture in a farmhouse are simplistic and straight-to-the-point with little decoration. This means that furniture tends to be more rustic and bulky. Charm and character fill every room in a farmhouse home, as most pieces are individual, unique and handmade.

Weathered finishes, solid wood, and industrial elements are often seen in a farmhouse interior. Due to the craftsmanship in a farmhouse, it might feel like a bit of a collection, but never like a catalog item. A farmhouse home is made up of an array of collected pieces, but this collection is fundamentally local as opposed to a Bohemian home that focusses on an international collection.

What is Bohemian?

colorful bohemian interior

Image by: Architectural Digest

A bohemian home is one that is happily colorful and textured. Initially associated with travelers, a bohemian home has a carefree aesthetic with playful and quirky elements. Tassels, feathers, and fringing are kings in these gypsy dwellings, with pattern the queen. Bohemian homes have a traveler’s atmosphere as its origin prescribes. Bohemian interiors are also that of a collector, but a world’s collection. Always colorful with wall-hangings, rugs, and wallpaper the essentials to this free-spirited look. Have a peek at how to get the perfect Boho Chic pad here.

The Farmhemian Aesthetic

 Comfort is essential in a farmhemian home, while embellishment and simplicity are in perfect harmony. The original farmhouse and bohemian looks are both essentially collectors’ styles, which makes the combination of the two so successful. The curator-quality of farmhemian makes it more sophisticated. Here is our list of the essentials for a farmhemian home.

1) Wood

wood farmhouse kitchen

Image by:Country Living

Wood is what a farmhouse interior consists of, and it is therefore imperative that wood should form part of a farmhemian home. Large statement pieces, like a coffee table, dining table, butcher’s block, exposed beams or wood paneling are a must.

2) Texture

tasseled bedroom

Image by:My Scandinavian Home

If bohemian interiors are all about textures, making texture the second most important element in a farmhemian home. Incorporate texture through area rugs, tasseled curtains, fringed scatter cushions, throws or an update on the bohemian wall-hanging. As long as there is texture you’re on the right path, even if it’s a muted hue scatter or throw.

3) Vintage

vintage dining room

Image by: The Every Girl

Both bohemian and farmhouse style are fond of vintage finds. So, continue the tradition with a statement antique find that complements your space. The antiqued touch can be small like a bronze mirror, restrained like rattan chairs or bold like a Victorian lounger.

4) Industrial Elements

industrial farmhemian bedroom

Image by:Design Sponge

Exposed beams and steel plumbing were all part of classic farmhouse styles. A contemporary industrial touch will add to the sophistication of a farmhemian home. Add a splash of industrial metal with pendant lights, or wrought iron finishes in curtain hardware or kitchen cabinets.

5) Wall Prints

plates on wall decoration farmhemian

Image by: French and French Interiors

Wall prints in any shape and form are wholeheartedly a part of the bohemian legacy. Choose artwork with a rural theme to add a farmhouse aesthetic with farm-related prints, animal prints or landscape stills. Or, showcase the bohemian wanderer in you with traveler artwork or through flowy watercolors. Farmhemian artwork is not limited to prints; you can play with an object as art – think bicycles, wagon wheels, tapestries, colorful masks, and more!

6) Color

farmhemian dining room with colorful rug 

Image by: Apartment Therapy

Color should be at the core of a Farhemian home; whether you choose a monochromatic farmhouse palette or a colorful bohemian one. Traditional farmhouse homes had a limited color palette, while the bohemian interior was one exuding color. So, the lovely boho and farm combination results in a balanced color scheme that gives an interior a little sophistication and order.


Keep the flame ablaze with inspiration from our art collection and start pinning your favorites for your future farmhemian interior!


Feature image by Design Sponge

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