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Art is such a versatile thing; it can follow passing trends or be timeless by immortalizing an instant. Updating your existing art collection with the change of the season is a great way of embracing the weather and giving your home a new look on a budget. We’ve put together a quick guideline to help you determine the best way forward in choosing new works to complement your existing ones or to create a new collection for the new season.

Artist Aimed

contemporary living room monochrome abstract focal wall gallery

Image by: Fi3ure

Artists create for a living, which means they build up collections over time. You can choose to follow a specific artist’s work, if you have a favorite in mind, or change artists with the season.

  • An Artist per Season

If you want to discover new artists and have the budget to do so, exhibit artwork by different artists each season. This is a great option for a feature wall, where one piece is the main focus. Imagine an Andy Warhol for summer, Gustav Klimt in the Fall, Van Gogh in winter and a Picasso in spring. Even though original works by these famous artists are not in everyone’s budget, you can opt for a print instead. However, the best practice when changing artist seasonally is to support local artists or up-and-coming artists.

  • Change Art Styles

Trying a different art style each season is a fun way to discover which ones you love. You can start with realistic art in January and end with Dadaism in December. The great thing about moving seasons with a specific style is that you’re not limited to wall hangings. Worldly art styles like Chinese painting and traditional African art and drums can do much to transport you to another world.

  • Follow an Artist’s Journey

Whether you adore one specific art piece in your home, have seen the most beautiful piece in a store or follow your favorite artist on Social Media, keeping up to date with one artist’s work can make life a lot easier. Work through their collections as needed throughout the year, and your home will never have a dull moment.


Theme Specific

vintage magazine Lisette posters against blonde wood bedroom cladding

Image by: Design Milk

Themes work exceptionally well when you want to uplift your current interior look. Choose a topic or theme you want your artwork to depict, and start building the collection. Here are our theme suggestions:

  • Countries

Choose a country to mimic. Artwork that comes from a specific country often has cultural and color references embedded in its style. The fiery reds, blues, and burnt orange from Mexico or nautical blues and white from Greece are perfect for summer, while the snowy landscapes from northern lands suit winter. Country-specific artwork doesn’t necessarily have to rely on its color for coherence, as social relevance will tie them together.

  • Nature

A nature-inspired collection is the best possible choice when you’re thinking about changing artwork on a regular basis. Choose stylised nature motifs, animal prints or realistic still lives. You can also choose one form like pine cones in the fall and collect a few different versions. Or pick flying creatures, then you can include birds and flying insects.  

  • Pattern

Artwork that focusses on pattern is ideal in homes with a minimalist, Scandinavian, and even bohemian style.


Color Catch

Bright Bohemian living room with scatter cushions and pink gallery wall

Image by: Apartment Therapy

  • Color to match the season

Choose a color palette that suits the season and match your interior.  Softer tones of a specific color are easier to match in your interior than a more intense color.

  • Monochrome

Monochrome prints are not only great for winter, but they can also be lovely all year round. The subject matter is what symbolizes the mood. You can even have a mainly monochromatic print with a little touch of color. Illustrate seasonal change by incorporating one colorful art piece into a black and white arrangement to represent spring


Think Texture

fun textures against dining room feature wall

Image by: Jungalow

Changing up the texture of your artwork is rather ingenious because the changing temperatures will guide you. Updating textiles can also be a budget-friendly alternative to framed art.


Look beyond your walls

bright cheerful poster with colorful scatters on gray sofa

Image by: Apartment Therapy

Finally, and most importantly, if you love your feature wall, then don’t change it! You can easily update your home through décor accessories and textile extras. Rugs and scatter cushions have become artwork in themselves with elaborate prints or monochrome magic.


Best Practice:

warm and cosy monochromatic apartment

Image by: Scandinavian Simplicity

Updating an interior with seasonal art can be as good as a holiday, but be cautious when it comes to the budget.

  1. Set out a monthly or yearly budget for décor and artwork.
  2. Start by changing smaller artworks. There is no need to go big and change every item you own. In a gallery wall setup, focus on the central pieces as these draw the most attention and most often get noticed first.
  3. Go thrift shopping to save costs on your expanding collection.
  4. Get a group of friends together and exchange artwork
  5. Gift sentimental pre-loved art to family or friends.


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