How to Create the Perfect Home Office

How to Create the Perfect Home Office

Alt: a beautifully designed room, an example of how to create the perfect home office

With the global COVID-19 pandemic in full swing showing no signs of slowing down any time soon, everyone who possibly can has resorted to working from home. Such work conditions have brought about a set of new problems. Work-life balance and productivity are probably the most significant challenges people have been facing. Additionally, after almost a full year of "the new normal," many employers have started to realize that having physical offices may be redundant. Some others have concluded that downsizing is an option. Either way, many now have an increasing need for a functional home office, a comfortable and professional space that will provide them with the chance to separate their work from their private lives. If you are one of these people, keep on reading to find out how to create the perfect home office.

Figure out the possible location for your home office

Before you start thinking about your decorating style and collecting ideas, decide where your home office should be. Will you designate one of the rooms you already have to it? Perhaps, you have a shed in the garden you can transform into an office space. Or there's a nook in your home where you can set up your workstation. You could even convert a garage or a loft to serve this purpose.

Your basement, garage, and attic are all suitable places for your home office.

Alt: A simple and bright home office in the basement

Before you decide on the location, consider your working style and the rest of the family's needs. If you need or like to work in solitude, without distractions, then a garage, loft, or shed are perfect options for you. Also, think about the amount of natural light you will get and the surroundings you will spend much of your day. A garden office room will be a fantastic solution if you prefer seclusion and a bit of nature. On the other hand, if your children need looking after, these are not an option, and you would be better off with a cupboard workstation or maybe a corner in the living room. These are also your options if you have no extra space in your home.

Key points to consider when creating the perfect home office

If you will be working from home indefinitely and on a daily basis, perhaps it would be smart to opt for a design style different from the rest of your home. It may help you focus because you won't have that home feel. It will be like a simulation of leaving your home and going to work, minus the commute. However, if you cannot designate a whole room to your workspace, keeping the same style throughout your home would be the way to go.

What is a definite must when it comes to home office design is to make it clutter-free. Clutter is extremely distracting, so you will want your workspace as tidy as possible. Invest in some storage options such as shelves and drawers where you can keep all your paperwork at hand and neatly sorted. Moreover, you may need to make room for some office appliances like a printer, a scanner, a document shredder, etc. Make sure you have planned where you will install them.

Finally, remember to allow some space for items that aren't work-related. Although minimalism and the "less is more" approach is what you should strive for in your office, family photos, ornaments, a motivational poster, a display of books you love, or a piece of art will help create a space you want to be in. Given that you will be working from home, you may be struggling with motivation even to begin. Doing what you can to make your office space pleasant and inviting will make a world of difference.

Get the lighting just right

Lighting is crucial for every single room in your home, and a home office is not different. If you want a comfortable workspace, you will need plenty of natural light. Natural light is vital because it will help your productivity and make you feel better. Therefore, position your desk close to a window. But pay attention to how the light will hit your computer screen. Furthermore, office desk lamps are an absolute necessity. They are not only practical, but they will create the right ambiance a home office really needs.

Lighting is essential to creating the perfect home office.

Alt: A rustic wooden desk in front of the windows, with a laptop and a desk lamp

Invest in the best office furniture you can afford

Furniture makes a room what it is, and it will allow you to create the design, comfort, and ambiance you have on your mind. When it comes to a home office, pay attention to the following specifically:

  1. Choose a suitable desk.Think about how much space you are working with and all the items the desktop should accommodate.
  2. Invest in a good quality chair.If you spend a lot of time sitting at your desk, investing in an ergonomically designed chair is a brilliant idea. Moreover, rather than opting for a typical office chair, choose something that matches the rest of the room's design.
  3. Consider custom-made furniture.Pieces specifically made to fit your home office will maximize the available space, and you can position them exactly where you need them. Also, they can be made in accordance with the other features of the room, such as sockets, doors, windows, heaters, etc.

Create the perfect home office in a new location

Since remote work is becoming increasingly widespread, you are no longer tied to one location. If you have always wanted to move closer to the ocean or to a warmer climate, this is your chance. In your new home, you will have an opportunity to design and organize the entire space the way that best suits your needs. When you and all your belongings arrive at the new destination, you can start from scratch. Your new house will be like a blank canvas. And you can only enjoy the process of unpacking into the new space and choosing the right place for your new home office.

Final thoughts

Working from home has its challenges, but it also has some benefits. Saving tremendous amounts of time by avoiding the tiresome commute is only one of them. Consequently, you have more time for your family and hobbies. A clutter-free home office with adequate lighting, furniture, and a bit of decorating will help you keep your work-life balance and stay productive and focused.

A corner in your bedroom is also an excellent place to create the perfect home office.

Alt: A round white table and chairs in the corner of a bedroom functioning as a home office space

Finally, remember that even if you lack the space or resources to make a separate workspace, there are a few creative options that will still enable you to create the perfect home office. Otherwise unusable places, such as a hallway, a small nook under the stairs, a corner in your bedroom, are all excellent options. Fit in a desk and a comfy chair, and you will get yourself a tiny but functional office without imposing on the rest of the space.

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