How to Decorate Your New Home for the Upcoming Holidays


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Now that the holiday season is approaching, you are probably thinking about how you could liven up your home. And this is especially true if you have just moved into your home. You might think you are unprepared for managing both the relocation and the holiday decoration. However, you should keep your holiday spirits up. What better way to start a new chapter in your life than to make your new home as cheerful as it can be? The holiday season will probably help you make the transition to your new home much less grueling when you surround yourself with all things Christmas. That is why we are going to talk about ways to decorate your new home for the upcoming holidays.

Start with the front door when you decorate your new home for the upcoming holidays

Why, you ask? By decorating your front door with a garland, lights, and Christmas decor, anyone coming in for a visit will be transported to the world of holiday festivities and amicable feelings the minute they set their sights on your doorstep. So, be sure to make your front door your statement piece. This way, your home will evoke the holiday spirit even if you do not have time to go into elaborate holiday decorating projects after the move. 

Use traditional holiday season colors

Most people cannot imagine celebrating the winter holidays without being surrounded by garish splashes of red-green, red-white, blue-silver, and other traditional holiday color combos. If you want to mix things up this year, aim for a holiday color combination you have not used before. 

 If you are moving across Canada with your kids, you can help them adjust to the change by planning out and preparing the color scheme and the new decor you will introduce to your home once you settle in. To help them ease into the relocation process, have a simple transfer and help keep their minds occupied with your family holiday project. Be sure to make a new decorative arrangement this year to celebrate both the upcoming holidays and your relocation! 

Keep it subtle and cohesive

You really do not have to go overboard with the decoration, particularly if you do not have the time and money to renew your holiday decor for your new home. Smaller decorative items spread around your home will do the trick as well. Alternatively, you can go with fewer but larger and impactful decorative pieces. 

 Sometimes it happens that people take the advice literally and suffocate their home in a sense. Don't get us wrong. Feeling passionate about the Christmas holidays is what we are all about. However, living for several weeks or months surrounded by dozens of Santa Clauses and snowflakes might make your living space feel chaotic rather than inviting. 


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In contrast, having smaller red, white, and green accents will make your home feel festive yet still like your home. Also, be sure to use the color combination you have opted for cohesively around your home for a sense of completeness. 

Decorate your home sustainably

What better way to celebrate the arrival of the holiday season than to enter it with environmentally-friendly decoration? This might be an entirely different approach to holiday decor but bear with us. Every year, homeowners spend heaps of money on holiday decorations they will only use once. Hence, if you have just moved into your new home, it makes sense to purchase items and art that can be reused for years to come. 

 So, skip buying tacky confetti and go for something more sustainable like artworks depicting natural motifs. Paintings and prints are not only more sustainable but also more tasteful than mass-produced holiday decorations.

 Also, you can bring in pine branches, juniper, pinecones, magnolia leaves, boxwood, eucalyptus, or any other plant or flower that evokes the holiday spirit. You can have a perfectly merry household without resorting to plastic! Dare to be different with your Christmas decor, and the planet (and your wallet) will appreciate it.


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Create your own decorations

This holiday season is the perfect opportunity to unleash your creativity and go for alternative decorative options. Also, the winter holidays are the time of the year when memories are created. And what better way to create lifelong memories in your new home than by creating out-of-the-box Christmas holiday decorations with your family. As we have already mentioned, creating your own holiday decor is also good for the environment. 

 You and your kids can create anything you set your sights on to celebrate this holiday season. And you will probably have barrels of fun while doing it. In fact, your family will probably remember your small Christmas decoration project for life.


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Focus on one decorative item

Just as with picking out a single color scheme, centering your Christmas decor around one item will bring in the sense of cohesion into your home. So, think about what you like about the holidays the most. You can stick with traditional hallmarks of the holiday season. In line with this, you can adorn your home with printouts and miniature Santa Clause sculptures. 

 Choosing a slightly less prominent decorative piece as a leitmotif can be another way to decorate your new home for the upcoming holidays. If you want to go off the beaten track, you can go with ribbons, wreaths, jingle bells, candy sticks, snowflakes, frost, Nordic forest, wild animals living in the Canadian hinterland, etc. The options are endless, and it is all a matter of what evokes the jolly good holiday spirit the best!



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