How to Use Nordic Style Wall Art in Your Home

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Decorating styles are constantly changing. Something that was desirable and popular one year is already falling out of fashion the next. But there are certain styles that are always in demand no matter how much time has passed. For example Nordic style. This style is popular all over the world, not just in Scandinavian countries. Nordic style wall art stands out in particular. When used right it can look incredible and elevate the appearance of the room it is in. But if you are not familiar with this style and don’t really know how to use it before you buy it, it could be an issue. That's why we are here to help. If you don't want to hire a professional decorator, read this article and find out how to use Nordic style wall art in your home.

Caption: Best way to describe Nordic style art is: Less is more
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What defines Nordic style wall art?

Before we begin to advise you on how to use Nordic style wall art in your home, we need to clarify what exactly Nordic style is. The main characteristics of the Nordic style are beauty, minimalism, and clean lines. This style is defined by clarity and precision. The absence of bright, flashy colors is noticeable. The most common Nordic style colors are white, black, gray, cream, and blue. This is a style that, although very old, still looks fresh and modern. If you had to describe this style in one sentence, it would be: Less is more. The emphasis is placed on the simplicity of the form and the precision and quality of the craft. This is the perfect style for those who don't like the “messy” look that is also popular nowadays. It will make your home look classic and modern at the same time.


Keep it minimalistic and functional

If you want to decorate your home in a Nordic style and put up wall art in that style, you will have to take into account a few things. You cannot have such a distinctly minimalistic decoration on the wall if the rest of the room is disorganized and messy. Nordic style is all about cleanliness and functionality. So there shouldn’t be too many items lying around. It’s detrimental to the Nordic look of the room. Focus on functionality. Get rid of things that don’t have any particular function and are just taking up space. If they are things that are important to you and you don’t want to throw away, you should consider storage. According to experts at many people rent long-term storage units for this particular reason.  As we said two main things are minimalism and functionality. This way the Nordic style wall art in your home will fit in better and elevate the look of the room.

Caption: Main colors in Nordic style are white, black, grey, etc. 
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The color palette

As we have already mentioned, there are not many bright, flashy colors in the Nordic style. Chances are that the wall art you choose will be in shades of white, black, light blue, or cream. The rest of your home shouldn't deviate too far from that. The Nordic style should not be combined with something extremely different from it. This means that you should not put Nordic style wall art on a red or purple wall. You have to keep that in mind. It would be best if the wall was a classic white color. That way the wall decoration is more effective. And don’t worry about the room looking dull and boring. What makes the Nordic style so great is that it manages to take simple neutral colors and make them look vibrant and stylish.

Use Nordic style wall art in your home, but don’t overdo it

You should not exaggerate with these kinds of art pieces. One wall decoration in the Nordic style can be incredibly effective. If you think that if you put as many pieces as possible, your room will look better, you are mistaken. In fact, you will achieve the opposite effect. Nordic style requires minimalism in everything. And even in the amount of wall art you put up. You can use one piece or in some cases two that go in pairs. When you put something like that on every wall in the room, you simply make the room look cheesy, messy, and pointless. Stop, take some time to think, and decide on one wall. Decorating requires patience and time to get it exactly right.

Caption: Use online resources to get inspired or ask friends for help
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Get inspired

The good thing about this style is that it can be easily recreated. If you have no inspiration or simply cannot choose a particular piece of wall art, look for help online. Thanks to social networks such as Instagram and Pinterest, you can see various examples of interiors arranged in this way every day. You don't have to choose the exact same piece as you saw on the internet, just look for inspiration. It doesn't have to be just online either. If you have friends from some Nordic countries, ask them for help or advice. In addition, you can ask for the help of professionals who specialize in this style of decorating. But with so much information you can find online, you probably won't need it.


In conclusion

I hope you found these tips on using Nordic style wall art in your home useful. The most important thing is that you understand the main characteristics of this style. Functionalism and minimalism are in the first place, but not at the expense of beautiful aesthetics. Know that if you put a detail like this on your wall, you will have to adjust the rest of the room with it. So there is no place for cluttered, messy rooms with lots of unnecessary objects and decorations. Keep only the functional things you need. That elevates the look of the whole room. And if you run out of ideas you can always turn to a friend, a professional, or find some inspiration on the Internet. But don’t be afraid to be creative and have fun while choosing the wall art and decorating.

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