6 Inexpensive Design Ideas to Brighten Your Bedroom

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There's nothing more energizing than starting a day by waking up in a bright and fresh bedroom. In order to make every beginning of your day movie-like, you don't have to spend a fortune. We consulted interior design experts and came up with six inexpensive design ideas to brighten your bedroom.


1# Start by brightening up your bed

Your bedroom will brighten up in an instant if you get some brand new bedsheets or a blanket. Choose pristine white cotton with blue piping edging for a look that is worthy of a five-star hotel. To make a statement, experiment with bold designs and textured fabrics with a splash of color. Besides looking fabulous, brand new linens will help you sleep peacefully.

Do “the pillow trick"

Have you ever wondered why the most luxurious hotels have overstuffed and squishy pillows? It's a tale as old as time that they brighten up a bedroom in an instant! So, fill your ornamental throw pillows to the brim with extra stuffing to make the whole room seem more bright and expensive. You don't need to go wild putting sleeping pillows on top of one another—two pillows per person will do the trick.

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Caption: Hotel-like pillows can make your bed more comfy and bright.

2# Less is more

Your bedroom is your personal space. Many people subconsciously put more stuff in their bedroom. More items in a room will make it feel heavy. So, to make your bedroom look brighter, you'll need to go separate ways with some items. A good rule of thumb when decluttering is to observe and write down the list of stuff you no longer need as much. You need to ask yourself and answer honestly:

  • Do you really need big chunky furniture in your bedroom?
  • Can you find the alternative?
  • What can you put in storage?

The next step is asking experienced moving and storage professionals for help with taking all the excess furniture to a storage facility. In Ontario, there are a lot of reliable local movers that can handle the furniture safely and help you with decluttering.



3# The lighter the curtains, the brighter the bedroom

If you sleep in a room that doesn't get a lot of natural light, you should make the most of the daylight that does enter through the windows. It might be more challenging with dark-colored curtains (especially ones made of thick materials), which drain all of the light. Choose diaphanous drapes, light in both texture and color, to provide airiness and a fresh glow to the space. It will also make your space seem more peaceful. You can always use blinds if you're concerned about light penetrating your curtains and rousing you in the morning.


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Caption: A light linen curtain is one of the inexpensive design ideas to brighten your bedroom that will make it feel airy and light

4# Place a mirror wisely

As a general rule, the bedroom mirror size should increase in proportion to the level of darkness in the room. Mirrors will reflect any light that is there, and the reflective quality of the mirror will make the atmosphere seem more bright. You will get the greatest results by hanging your mirror so that it is immediately opposite the window that receives the most sunshine. This will allow you to effectively double the amount of light that enters the room.

You don't have to limit yourself to just a single mirror, though. Mirrors that have an antiqued look may add aesthetic appeal and create upscale decor on a small-scale budget. Also, if you position them so they reflect light from a nearby source, they can make your bedroom seem brighter.

5# Get artistic

Hanging a number of different pieces of art in your bedroom can give it style and open it additionally. More so if you choose works that have bright color schemes and cheerful moods. Purchasing artwork could make you feel anxious, but you don't have to be Dorothy Vogel to pull it off well. The rules of choosing art for your home are quite simple. You can purchase the reproductions of your preferred works and then frame them. Or, support your preferred neighborhood painter. These are all excellent strategies to get visually appealing artwork without breaking the bank.

6# Bring the light in

You should make an effort to bring in as much natural light as possible into your bedroom, even if it doesn't receive a lot of it naturally. It's possible that a single light hanging from the ceiling won't be enough here. Instead, you should think about bringing at least a couple more lights to your bedroom to give it more depth and reduce any strange shadows created by your overhead light.

Reading and other activities that take place in the evening are more enjoyable with the assistance of a bedside light, which can also be used to brighten the room as the sun begins to set. Place a floor lamp at an acute angle to that so that it illuminates the space from a different direction. You could choose to add even more little lights or huge lamps to your bedroom, depending on the dimensions of your space.

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Caption: A nice lamp on the nightstand will make your bedroom brighter and add a luxurious feel to it.

...And many more inexpensive design ideas to brighten your bedroom

Of course, this is not all you can do with your bedroom. The chosen ones are the least time and money-consuming. But, you can also consider:

  • Changing floors to a lighter shade
  • Adding a glossy finish to your floor
  • Using metallic items to decorate (it will add to the reflective surfaces)
  • Painting your room a vibrant color
  • Installing French doors
  • Thoroughly cleaning surfaces such as windows and mirrors

The possibilities are endless if you put a little imagination into them. You can combine these ideas to suit your space and possibilities. The only iron rule is - don't be afraid to experiment and try out different styles and options. Use these 6 and more inexpensive design ideas to brighten your bedroom according to your taste. Wake up to the brighter, movie-like morning and be motivated to start your day every day. 

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